Practical Spirituality 

Life has its “aha” moments and it's usually when we least expect them. After studying self-help and spirituality for years, I finally stopped because I felt I wasn't getting anywhere. That's when it came to me. It was a little psychological trick I used to free myself from judgement. It was only from that vantage point that I could see the world as it truly is- perfect.

When you become enlightened, even though you want to help others struggling on their path, you understand that no one can get there by the same path as you. Before becoming enlightened, like many others, I wished I had a guru who could show me the way. I didn't understand then that the only guru that can show you the way is found within. However, a mind that is filled with judgement will never achieve enlightenment because it will never find that inner guru.

I wrote this novel because I thought that sharing this psychological trick might help others who are seeking enlightenment. I even used a fictional story involving a guru that it might appeal to that audience. What I found though is that it's far more than just a helpful tool for those seeking enlightenment. It's a life hack. Being free of judgment doesn’t just help us to gain a higher perspective of the world. It helps us to become free from our harshest critic… ourselves.

Douglas Albert Boter

“Free Your Soul- Create Your Reality”