Practical Spirituality

Are you looking for something? Maybe you don’t even know what it is or maybe, like me, you think you do and even have a label for it. Mine was enlightenment and I found what I was looking for. Because I struggled so long to achieve it, I wanted to share what helped me the most, that it might help others.

Does this mean I have the key to your enlightenment or the answer to which you seek? Not at all. Anyone that says they have that, hasn’t found their own. Because each person’s path is unique, no one can point you in the right direction for yours.

In my book, The Guru Delivery however, I share the methods I used to free myself from judgment. These methods work on universal psychological principals and can help you better understand your place in the universe. When you shift your way of thinking from, is this good or bad to, is this in harmony with who I am or not, your path automatically becomes clearer. Your preconceived notions are formed from judgment and don’t allow you to see your true self (or higher self as it’s often referred to). The best part is that you don’t have to read a bunch of dry material. It’s cleverly written into a story about a man and an unlikely guru who begin traveling across country together.

No one can hold your hand on your spiritual path. You are your own Guru. But if you’re frustrated on your path because you’re completely in the dark, The Guru Delivery can be your flashlight.

“Free Your Soul- Create Your Reality”